Green Works Contracting specializes in custom residential construction.

Our family owned local company is dedicated to quality, value and service as we make our promise to deliver on excellence. We build with a variety of styles to fit all of your landowner needs including: Log Homes, Timber Frame Homes, Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) Homes, Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) Homes and Conventional Stick Frame Homes.

As a local owned company, we are committed to supplying our customers with an effective way to save money and resources by becoming their own General Contractor. Instead of hiring us as a GC to oversee the project, witch adds up to 20% extra to the overall cost, we can supply the homeowner with a detailed explanation of how to manage and disperse the necessary funds to complete the project in a well-organized and timely fashion for a flat fee. This process introduces the homeowner to their new build in an intimate way and creates a sense of pride and comfort. If the homeowner requests a turnkey home, we can certainly GC an entire project and produce a result that will be cherished for generations.

We offer many options of building to reduce the cost of utilities and ensure long-standing durability for the duration of the structure. We will work side by side to ensure all decisions made are for the benefit of the future of the structure and the bank account of the property holder. At Green Works Contracting we present affordable options and common housing solutions to the modern homeowner.

Types of Residential Construction


Structural Insulated Panel (SIP)

This high performance building system consists of an insulating foam core sandwiched between two structural facings. These ultra energy efficient panels are created under factory-controlled conditions and are fabricated to fit nearly any building design. SIP’s enforce a structurally sound perimeter wall by creating a consistent and precise foundation for additional floors or the roof. Building with SIP’s will save time, money and labor and ensure a positive impact on your future energy bills.


Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)

Lower energy bills and structural maintenance, healthier indoor air quality and easier on the environment, ICF’s are making their way to everyday households. These Lego like foam forms are assembled to contain the most proven building materiel on the Earth: concrete. With solid, lasting construction that resists fire, wind and Father Time a homeowner can be sure there structure will be around for decades to come.

timber frame

Timber Frame

Timber frame homes supply beauty, strength, openness, energy efficiency and versatility. With all of these aspects combined, a timber frame home is a valuable addition to any lifestyle. Vaulted ceilings and oversized exposed beams add a visual impact to a structurally sound core. The openness this building design allows for large windows and an open floor plan increasing natural light and flow from one room to the next. Upon all the wonderful benefits of a timber frame home comes the addition of building using the Structural Insulated Panels for guaranteed quality and energy efficiency.

log home

Log Home

Who doesn’t like the look and feel of a log cabin? With its warm and cozy appearance and carbon neutral use of raw materials, Log Homes combine positive environmental influences with outstanding visual impacts. The logs needed are harvested and transported to the preparation yard to be stripped of bark, left to naturally air dry and then pressure washed, sanded and stained before being transported to the building site. This process eliminates the energy needed to process traditional lumbar as well as decreases the amount of waste and materials needed to build, insulate and side a traditional home.